WooCommerce File Uploader

The all in one plugin that allows your customers to upload files directly from your WooCommerce products.

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Uploading files has never been easier.

With WooCommerce File Uploader, you customers are able to upload files specified by your file types, file sizes and custom amounts directly from your WooCommerce products.

Enabling our plugin will add an intuitive drag and drop zone to your specified products. Select between 2 different upload layouts to ensure your product pages look clean and organized.

All features
Uploading a file to WooCommerce File Uploader plugin.

Feature-rich and proud.

Here’s an extensive list of our feature rich WooCommerce file upload plugin.

600+ file types

Allow your customers to upload over 600 different file types.

Drag and drop

Intuitive drag and drop interface for easier uploading.

Price increment

Increment price for product based on how many files have been uploaded.

Variable products

Display the file uploader for different product variations.

Min and max files

Set the minimum and maximum amount of files that can be uploaded.

View files

View and download files from admin area and from customer account.

Max file size

Set the maximum file size that can be uploaded.

Manage uploads

Customers can manage their files before uploading.

View file count

View the amount of files that have been uploaded, at cart and checkout level.

Add to cart

Add products to the cart without refreshing the page.

Upload layouts

Choose between 2 different layouts for files uploaded to the dropzone.

File type icons

Display icons to your customers for each file that is uploaded.

Some questions, before you purchase.

Here’s what people have been asking us about our 5 star plugin.

Can I use the default file input instead of the dropzone?

Yes, you can check the ‘Default file uploader’ box to remove the dropzone and replace it with the default file input.

Can I show the customer which files are allowed?

You can show the customer which file types are allowed for that product to prevent them running into errors.

Is there a way to bulk edit my file upload products?

Using the CSV importer, you can set the meta keys and values. For a full tutorial on how to do this, please refer to our documentation.

Will the files uploaded be protected?

Uploaded files go to a dedicated folder called ‘wcfu’, in which will need to be protected via your .htaccess file. Add ‘Options -Indexes’ at the second to last line. See our documentation for more information.

Will the customer need to add a product to the cart?

If the file uploader is enabled, the customer will need to upload the minimum files required before adding to cart.

Can I edit the title of the uploader?

You can change the title of the uploader at product level for the ultimate customization.

Our customers love our plugin..

Here’s what our lovely customers have been saying about our awesome file upload plugin.

Have a question or suggestion?

We always welcome you to send us a message with any pre-purchase queries you have. Or, if you have a suggestion on how we can improve WooCommerce File Uploader for you and our other customers, please let us know.